What is so much fuss about 33%

So the seats in Indian parliament are .....
..Total seat(543)=SC/ST(122)+women(181)+Men(282)
and not only this out of 282 seats in the open category,women too can contest if they want.Within the reserved block for SC/ST, men will be left with 82 seats.This decimation of male power is a nightmare come true for most conservative men running a lucrative career in electoral politics; hence, the desperate opposition to the bill.

WAHT ABOUT THE STATES : The 108th Constitution amendment bill seeks quota for women not just in the Lok Sabha but also in all state assemblies. There are 4,109 seats in all Assemblies put together, of which 1167 are reserved for SC/ST.The women's reservation bill will snatch away another 1,370 seats in all — 981 in the open category and 389 in the reserved for SC/ST category. The number of seats left for men will be just 2,942. So, the fear is spreading outwards from Delhi, rippling across state capitals and through the assembly constituencies in the hinterland.

What is BIG Issue here :

181 is big number to sacrifice but the clause of ‘rotation of seats’ is seen by the opponents of Bill to ‘strike at the very heart of democracy and democratic values’ as, according to their logic, the MP will not get a chance to nurture his constituency nor the electorate will get a chance to reward or punish their MP, as a corollary to it hardly any ties would be established between the two.In case of rotation they would not be able to treat their constituencies as their private properties. Time tested formula. In our school history books it was mentioned that rulers like Sher Shahsuri and Akbar kept rotating their officials to curtail corruption.

But I think, that Now women will get their due...and This Bill pass ultimately...
Happy women days..


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