Doctors in Rural India ?

I heard that GOI is planning to introduce 'Bachelor of Rural Medical and Surgery (BRMS)' course to create a cadre of healthcare workers for the rural areas. But as I see now, the shortage of doctors in rural India stems from the unwillingness of most doctors, who were born,educated and trained in cities, to move to rural areas. GOI is doing its efforts by encouraging doctors by offering better perks but in spite of perks doctors are not encouraged to practice in rural areas with the same enthusiasm.
For example, I looked at the trend in Maharastra( and rest of India is not very better than it ).
The Directorate of Medical Education and Research ( DMER) has following trend information :

-Graduate : Out of the 2000-odd MBBS students passing out of the public colleges every year , 100 go to serve in rural areas.
- PG : Out of the 1,000-odd who pass out every year, less than 50 are found taking up a job in rural areas.

Maharastra, Directorate of Health Services (DHS) stats reveals following:
2005-06 : out of 748 doctors only around 233 had joined the service.
2008-09 : out of 1,217 , only 174 candidates joined state-run hospitals.
2010-11 : Out of the 2,136 applicants who showed interest in joining government hospitals in,only 285 candidates actually ended up taking the job.

Last 5 years : out of the 7,486 applications received from doctors who were willing to serve in rural hospitals only 1,376 actually joined the service.

Another aspect :
Why should the rural population be left at the disposal of doctors who are not trained equivalent to their counterparts in the country.

What should be done :
  • Problem is there in legislation only; main problem is there in implementation.The people who are responsible at the district level are not interested about their role and do not have enthusiasm to solve the issue.They can complain easily about the unavailability of doctors but do not involve in part of solution.
  • Problem is also there in rural healthcare infrastructure as well, doctors should have basic facilities to serve in rural hospitals/health centres so along with basic personal immunities like fooding,security and lodging for health care staff including doctors. This will help them in focusing on the health of rural area.


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