Who is Maximilien Robespierre ?

Today I was reading a book about the food we eat and its relationship with our culture, thinking and behaviour.In this book 2 most evil man in the world are mentioned. They both were vegetarians and i.e why , I was interested in exploring them as somebody has said -We think, dream and act according to what we eat and drink.they talked about the Adolf Hitler and Maximilien Robespierre - A french guy(died in 1794) key person in French revolution.Later in Wiki I found that Robespierre has quite impressive style of oratory.
Robespierre’s popularity and appeal to the community came out mostly in the way that he spoke.

His speeches were exceptional, and he had the power to change the views of almost
any audience. (This is one of the reasons why he became such a strong force in the Terror.) His speaking techniques included talk of virtue and morals, and also quite often he
had a few rhetorical questions in his speeches in order to identify with the audience. He would also gesticulate and use ideas and personal experiences in life to keep the
listeners’ attention. And his final method was to state that he was always prepared to die in order to save the Revolution.(Ironically, his death would be an end to the Revolution.)

Rhetorical questions ?- Does not need answer but stimulate you to answer internally.
You are ashamed, aren’t you?
How much longer must our people endure this injustice?
Why me?


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