Cleverness vs Kindness

Founder and CEO of Jeff Bezos was talking at TED. His some points made me rethink of life as they went straight in.He said that everyone of us has 2 options to reflect our character in life :
1-Cleverness - Gift
2-Kindness - Choice

'Cleverness is a gift, Kindness is a choice. ' - Jeff made the case that our character is reflected not in the gifts we're endowed with at birth, but by the choices we make over the course of a lifetime.Many times( or all the time) during our lifetime we have the option of :
- being clever by our deeds and words
- being kind by our deeds and words
- being kind and clever both
Sometimes, we overestimate ourselves with our gift. And some bad decisions force us to pay an arm and a leg. Many times we realized our mistake and try to take it back but sometimes it becomes difficult to go back the way things were. If we are unlucky, it can ruin our whole life.
He gave example from his life when his intention was to be admired for being clever and smart but it did not work out that well.
PS ! One can be clever and be kind, but if you are trying to be clever, then you run the risk of being neither. Trying to be clever makes it about you. Being kind is about the other.


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