Interesting experiment ?

Location : Delhi Slum Area.
Experiment participants : Poor slum dwellers who did not have a ration card but wanted to apply for one.
Strategy : Divide all these people into 4 groups in random manner and then they are asked to randomly apply for
ration cards.

Group 1 :
The first group applied for the ration card and then did nothing more about it
Group 2 : The second attached a letter of recommendation from an NGO to their ration card application.
Group 3 : The third paid a bribe after putting in their application
Group 4 : The fourth enquired about the status of their ration card application through an RTI request shortly after the initial application.

Result ....Guess.........................Winner is
Group 3.

i.e the group who paid a bribe was by far the most successful, in that its application was processed faster.

But who was Second ......But interestingly, the group that put in an RTI request was almost as successful.

What about others......Hardly anyone in the other two groups received their ration card during the 11-month duration of the study.

Hint for future: Lokpal bill must ensure that 'accountability is fixed' ASAP and process of fixing the accountability i.e legal implementation of lokpal bill should be the top priority of Govt.Also the RTI was filed in court so even RTI filing can become a big business and courts later submerged with millions and millions of RTI applications.

Here we have to consider that Union Law Minister M Veerappa Moily, who is also the convenor of the Lokpal Bill Joint drafting panel can play a pivotal role even out of the committee as he can expedite the initiative to dispose of all pending cases in various courts across the country.

PS : India has most number(30 million) of legal cases pending in the whole world.


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