IT professionals to Doodhwala ....

In today's world a lot of people love to work in IT companies as IT is fast progressive career and it lets them good salary, cosy working environment,foreign trips and free laptop,mobile,internet and lunch(subsidized or free). Once they join an IT company , this kind of life style becomes daily routine. There are very few who have the courage to change the course of their life and get out of this mental and physical comfort zone and strive for change in society.....these guys are among those did it............

Names :
Shashi Kumar, Ranjith Mukundan, Venkatesh Sesasaye and Praveen Nale
Former Employer : Wipro Ltd,Banglore
Location : Kodihalli village of Channarayapatna taluk,Hassan district.
Business venture : Akshayakalpa Farms and Foods Ltd ( milk dairy venture)
Business Partner :21
Investment : Rs 15 crore
Land : 24 acre
Stakeholders : 300 formers
Setup period : 5 months
Aim : To promote rural entrepreneurship in the agro sector to create employment and prosperity in villages, to prevent the educated unemployed from abandoning agriculture and migrating to cities
Social Benefit of Venture :
1. Farmers will be educated on modern cattle-rearing methods, milking machines and increasing milk production.
2. The company will help the farmers get loans from banks to set up satellite farms and purchase cows. The milkman will sell milk directly to our company without any middlemen, the transportation of milk and regular medical check-ups of cows will be free for milkmen registered with company
3. Each form will be equipped with sensors, GPS, pedometers and other equipment to monitor and trace the movements of cows, how much milk a cow produces every day, and to check the animals' body temperature and keep tabs on their health. All this data will be monitored by the dairy.


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