What are your intentions if you do phone marriage ?

As the date of one of the celebrity marriage is coming closer , controversy related to first marriage of Shoaib and Ayesha is taking first-page of media coverage.Even the family of Shoaib is not denying Shoaib's involvement with Ayesha. They are just denying the level of involvement(fake pictures/names(Maha Siddiqui/Ayesha) are same girl) or Nikahnama or Nikah ).

The question here is ?
1. What was Shoaib's intention when he involved himself in Phone-marriage(at least his family members are NOT denying this )?
2. What prompted him to say 'This is my wife's home town' and what forced him to accept in-camera 'congratulations' in front of thousands of people?
a. He did not say his fiance/to-be-iwife or friend he used the word 'wife' , which has same meaning in all religion.
b. He was not any pressure to say this in front of media and thousands of people.
c. He was not drunk.
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3. Who forced him to say the folloeing lines in GEO TV interiew "You will get me in trouble," he saw in a very light-hearted manner. "I am married to a Hyderabad based girl." ..."Her name is Ayesha."
4. Mr. Imran(Shoaib's brother-in-law) says the videos that Siddiquis have is also fake as in it they made him say 'yes'.( He was member of International team them...was he small boy ?). Why they did not finished this whole issue then and there?
5. Why the Ayesha Siddiqui's family is doing all this now? I don't think any common Indian Girl just come out and say I am married to Shoiab( A Pakistani ) just for publicity and attention. At least a common INDIAN girl would never be interested so much becoming the wife of him ?.
6. Is it important to know 'nikah' over the phone was not valid or not
( Islamic law )
to know that they did this at that time or not.
( Human Law )

Sania says she and her family know all the truth ? Then She/her family should defend the Shoaib.But they are not defeending him but just staying away from the controversy.

This shows that there was something wrong with Shoaib's relationship with Ayesha.

Shoaib's Character :
1. We heard Ayesha's involvement with another girl Sayali Bhagat-who as well said that 'She would not have been marrying Shoaib). Which is another indicator that Pakistan’s former cricket captain does not hold reputation with other girls involved with him in past.
2. I spoke to another pakistani friend of mine - who said that 'Shoaib is not good Guy' and I take his word as another testomoney to Shoaib's character.
3. While reading about the past of Shoaib I found the following news (http://www.shoaibmalik.co.cc/2008/02/marriage-plan-abandoned-says-shoaib.html), where he said he was not in a position to annoy his parents who has some serious reservations over marrying an Indian girl.This statement shows what ???
4. Former Andhra Pradesh minister Basheeruddin Babukhan says he was invited for an engagement ceremony at the Siddiqui household and witnessed the ceremony.

I have some questions fo Sania-who I am very much sure knows that Shoiab was married to Ayesha ( and I am sure as well that she will never read my blog but ..)?
1. Is it good to marry a person who has controversial past ?
2. Is it good to marry a person who looks for wife through photo and internet?
3. Is it good to marry a person who accepts 'congratulations' in front of world and who himself had acknowleged his marriage in an interview to GEO TV in 2004?
4. Why can't Sania's family and Shoiab's family just solve this all for all and find out who cheated whom?

Proof Controversy :
This issue is becoming another Pakistan-India controversy( like 26/11), where India is saying that it has proof but pakistan is saying 'Your proofs are not sufficient enough?'. In this case proof-Nikahnama says that Nikah was performed on June 3, 2002. It was signed by Nasir Hussain, the Registrar. Hafiz Mohammad Khaled performed the Nikah. It also shows 500 rupees was paid as meher. But crucially, the Nikah registration number is missing and there are no dates for the witness signatures.

I know people can say that it should not concern anyone with whom Sania is in love and whom she wants to marry, but still we know that she is just 23 and does not know the tricks people do(when she is madly in love with somebody ) .......
I hope Sania would not get the fate actress Reena Roy who had a bitter experience after marrying Pakistanis and had to return to India highly disappointed.


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