Driving License in Norway

License in Norway : In words of a foreign guys who passed the license test :
Here's some details and tips about my experience on the test.
1.  You have to rent a car( you can't use your own) from license school. This vehicle is a special vehicle with pedals in the passenger side and extra mirrors that allow the instructor to keep an eye on you.
2.  When you rent the car, the people renting it will take you on a 1/2 hour driving 'lesson' which includes some details of the driving test and then will give you some tips on how to improve your driving skills.
3.  When you drive, make sure you don't do what I did (on the practice portion).  Don't let your hand ride on the stick as you're driving.  Keep your hands at 10 and 2 except when shifting.
4.  When shifting, be conscious of the RPM (yes, the do look at this). Shift at lower RPM's as this is said to be more eco friendly.  As an engineer, I learned that 4 stroke engines are more efficient at higher RPM's but whatever.
5.  Remind yourself to check the mirrors while on your test.  There are mirrors all over the place in the car so the instructor can see if you are looking into mirrors before you turn etc.
6.  Yield to the right on roads that are not freeways (those little signs that look like square eggs, white on the outside and yellow on the inside).

The Driving test
1.  The instructor met me at the vehicle and we sat inside.  He asked me if I wanted the test in English or Norwegian.  I said I could speak Norwegian but because it was a test environment, I preferred English.
2.  The instructor asked if I wanted to converse during the test or have him just tell me where to go.  Some people apparently like it quiet.  I opted for the conversation.
3.  The instructor let me select from a small stack of cards three questions at random.  The questions were about the performance of the vehicle.Basically, I had to know that I should look in the owners manual to find loads and stuff.  And then he asked me a general question about what happens if you overload the vehicle.  (During your practice run, make sure to ask about where to find the owners manual, where the spare tire is and general information about the car).
4.  The first part of the test was driving in the country.
5.  When conversing with the proctor, I would suggest talking about the positives experiences you have had in Norway rather than negative experiences like why gas costs so much, there's no Starbucks except at the airport, and you miss Mexican Food. 
6.  You will have to back the vehicle into a parking spot, once during the test, and once when you park at the test center.
7.  Verify with the car rental place the speed in areas that don't have signs.  I always forget but I think in the country the max speed is 80 and in the city it's 50 unless posted but I forget!
8.  You will have to go on the freeway at some point.  Whatever you do, don't roll down the window and tell someone off for cutting you off.

How long : Driving Test can lasts about an hour and I ended up driving from Risl√łkka to almost Lillestrom on my exam, lots of highway driving and roundabouts.
They aren't fussy about trivia like the UK test (i.e., failing you for not doing the stupid hand-brake thing at every and all stoplights) but simply want to see that you drive safely.  Don't stress, but don't drive like you would on the 405 either.just try to take Test before winter as sometimes in winter it takes more time ( eg. 2 hours).

Pricing :
Total price : car rental = 1900 to 2100 kroners( or more)
Test Fee = 600 ( 1 hr practice with car with rental company )
License  = 260 kroner for license.

PLUS: if you take any medical prescription, no matter how stupid or trivial it is, you have to attach a doctor's examination with the form, and that
exam costs extra. Mine involved blood and lab work, and I only take a prescription-strength heartburn medicine.  You'll also need something from an eye doctor if you wear glasses, but SpecSavers in town did that form for free.Total figure about 4000 in total.  It's better than the 30k you would need to start from scratch. 


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