it same kind of story again..

What these 2 Ministers have common :

Post Hold:
Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Environment and Forests
Minister of State for External Affairs.

Education :
-IIT Mechanical engineer and degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
-PhD from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at 22,the youngest in the history of the prestigious institute.

Common Personal traits :
Intelligent,articulate,columnist,writer and upper caste politicians with no mass base.

Guilty of forgetting their constitutional responsibilities as union ministers.

-He questioned the home ministry's policies towards China.
-He was undone by the seeming impropriety of having acquired sweat equity for his sweetheart without informing the world.

Price paid:

-He may yet pay the price of his indiscretion by being switched from an environment ministry which has acquired a renewed energy and a forward-looking profile under his leadership.
-He paid for it by being banished from a ministry which could have benefited from his wide experience as a global diplomat.

Solution :
1. Once in politices , think twice (not once) before you speak...because traditional parties like BJP,SP,Left and (may be congress) are just waiting for one issue to prove that YOU ARE INCOMPETENT.
2. Sacrifice your high profile life.No twitter accounts, no page three parties, no ego trips, no dramatic statements,avoid staying in 5-stars for months.
3. Be a low profile leader specially in public life.

Example : Nandan Nilekani- who is now shuffling through data in a government office, with the singular focus of providing the country's citizens with a unique identification card.


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