Indians believe in different type of is not football club

Some europeans complain that India does not have local sports club like they have football club but ....we do have clubs in India but not football club ( so often ) because for few of us it is more important to be successuful in education(than sports ) as education is our only weapon to rid themselves of poverty and social the following stats...

Name : Ramanujam School of Mathematics
Popular Name : Super 30
City : Patna
Type of org. : Club/project
Founder : Anand Kumar
Start Year : 1992
Objective : To track the talented bunch of students from economically
impoverished sections and hone their skills by providing a conducive environment.
Performance : Since 2003, 182 of a total 210 students have made it to one of the IITs.
2009 result : out of 30 students all selected in IIT i.e 100% result
Method : Club gives full scholarships, including room and travel, to every batch of 30 students. They pass a competitive test just to get into Super 30, and then commit themselves to a year of 16-hour study each day.

News : Super 30, Bihar's free coaching centre which helps economically backward students crack the Indian Institute of Technology-Joint Entrance Examination (IIT-JEE), has been selected by the Time magazine in the list of the Best of Asia 2010.


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