Mishandling of issues...can cost lives.

Today, we have witnessed the 2 similar events in India and Pakistan where innocent people are killed by the extremists/terrorists/separists.
  • In India Maoists killed around 80+ people in train sabotage.
  • while in Pakistan Taliban militants attacked masques and killed around 70 people.
As an Indian I am commenting on indian issue.....

One thing is clear people in beaurocracy/politics are not handling the issues with much sincerity and seriousness , as it must be.for example :
1. Chidambaram - is saying it is sabotage by maoists and washing for state govt. to come up positively and strongly.Chidambaram has already confessed that he has a restricted mandate in dealing with Maoists.But his efforts still lack conviction.
2. Mamata is playing another card by not blaming the maoists directly and passed the buck by saying it is blasts ( by state elements ...may be to harm her as minister ????).As state elections are not too far so so became true politician and said - law and order was a state subject and demanded an investigation by a central Government team into the tragedy.
3. State govt(ruled by Left, Mamata's enemy No.1) is saying that railways is Mamta's department so she must take prime responsibility and if anyone else should do more then it is enter who is needed to do more to control the Naxal menace.
Read following 2 statements -
  • CM, Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee- "They (Naxals) started from Andhra then came to Orissa, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand. Now they are trying to enter our territory. We are opposing them, politically and administratively opposing them,"
  • CPI Leader,Sitaram Yechury- "The Prime Minister must personally intervene to ensure that there is proper coordination between Railways, its protection force and the security agencies,".

Are above the kind of staements people of India from their politicians ??

State and Central both governments are not ready to understand :
-Naming( these people is not important ...important is to handle them and save the life of innocent citizens and dedicated forces.
- People who follows path of violance to achieve something are not well wishers of humanity. There is no doubt about the fact that top leaders of these organizations are anti-nationalistic and thus must be caught/killed ASAP.These top leaders are the people who uses the humble citizens againts the govt. machinary.
- These people must be handled with top most seriousness and comprehensiveness and so consensus is must.If people like Lalu/Mulayam/Mamta or Left becomes hurdle then handle them with utmost seriousness.

Examples :
1. Pakistan is not able to handle the extermists inside the pakistan.

1. Srilanka an finish the LTTE because they just wanted it.
2. India rooted out the Khalistani extermists in 1990s.

So...we just need one nationwide con
sensus to solve this issue once and for all. Centre and states need to put their heads together and get the basics right. Like :
- motivating people
- arming and beefing up districts administration and thanas at the warfront.

- using the sphisticated technolgy to track/monitor the activities day-night.
- put up NGOs to help the people of affected regions to come to mainstream of life.


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