MAX MANUS - Inspired story

Few days earlier , a was part of expat gathering who got the opportunity to watch MAX MANUS - one of the best norwegian movies. The movie shows with an example - how norwegians took part in Norwegian resistance movement(againts German) during the period of 1940 to 1945.I like the movie because of following :

1. Movie is well directed+written and event sequence keep audience glued till end.
2. Impressive performance by Aksel Hennie as MAX specially in second part of film.
3. Movie tells the story of common citizens of Norway in Norwegian resistance movement in their fight against the Germans at that time.
4. Movie shows that monarchy did not play an active role in resistance movement but just directed from outside of country(which is not common in other wars).
5. Movie shows that even in time of adversities,native norwegians keep calm and cool and use the power/brain strategically rather than passion/anger.In the brutal war many of Manus' friends lost their lives but he did not lose his temper (although he blamed himself for being the one who survived) and waited for 'Right' opportunity.

Question : why there is no mention of Denmark/Danish people in movie ....long time partner(or superior) ?

I would recommend everyone who lives in norway to watch this movie....


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