Advice - Healthy and cheap food(Norway)

I found the Following advice on the norwegain health directorate website(
  • Look for cheaper brands that offer products in all the basic food groups.
  • Save money by providing more space for vegetables and potatoes on dinner plates and less room for meat. Beans and lentils are healthy, and you save money if they replace the meat.
  • 1 kg frozen vegetables can be inexpensive and suitable for many dishes.
  • Traditional vegetables k√•rot, carrot, onion and leek are mostly reasonable all year round and can be the basis for many dishes - baked, or as a base in soups and stews.
  • Follow the seasons when it comes to fruits and vegetables. Do you have storage capacity is autumn a good time to buy large quantities of fruit, berries, vegetables and potatoes.
  • Save money by replacing French fries with potatoes.Baked potatoes can be an easy and exciting option.
  • Fish fillets, such as pollock, is an affordable alternative to meat.
  • Lean ground beef is not necessarily more expensive than regular ground beef.
  • Eat more bread and cut thicker slices. There are cheap varieties of bread keeps you full longer. Bread is also much cheaper than an order.
  • Healthier cereal is usually cheaper than products with a lot of sugar.
  • Milk with Keyhole that extra light and skimmed milk is rarely cost more than light and whole milk.
  • Lean meats, like ham or turkey fillet, cost is not necessarily more than meats with higher fat content.
  • Do not throw away leftovers. Use residues to order (fried fish) or in casseroles and omelets the next day. Residues may also be suitable as supper or freeze.
  • Mager quark is a healthier alternative to sour cream and not expensive. Quark can also be used to make different kinds of dip.
  • Fruit and vegetables as snacks are cheaper than chocolate and crisps.
  • Water is the best thirst drink. Choosing water instead of soda reduces both the intake of sugar and monetary costs.
  • Compare the price per kilogram. It can be found on shelf labels.
  • Look at the ingredient list.Foodstuff contains most of what is first.
  • Look for good deals.
Note : Children and parents should not be fooled by the candy-like supplements(except oil).


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