The Namesake - another revisit

After 3 years,A watched the The Namesake , a movie that has more meaning and substance to the Indians settled abroad.I also looked at Nikolai Gogol to unearth the hidden treasure about him as well.Somewhere I am deeply touched with the events portrayed in the film and experienced the deja vu.

I guess the real credit goes to Jhumpa Lahiri for writing such a great novel and then to Mira Nair and her team for the remarkable film. It perfectly shows the :
1. Indian immigrant family experience
2. Emotion of Indian parents and relatives.
3. Generational gap between NRIs and their foreign born kids

I wish kids of all the NRIs/PIOS and their kids watch this movie and love and respect the culture( irrespective of the problems and issues that we face in India ).

I wish in future,my kids ( if they stay in foreign land for rest of their life) watch this movie and understand the feelings of Indian parents and culture.


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