Mission - Obama to Mama : Prithijit Patrik Basu

I salute to the people of like Mr. Prithijit Patrik Basu,Kolkata-born MBBS doctor who is serving at American Liver Foundation,USA. His mission :

Opening up a liver research and treatment centre in Kolkata with budget of 100 cr.
- sub-centres in districts surrounding the Kolkata.
- Each sub-centre will be inter-connected and also linked to the main centre through satellite.
- Institute will have a helipad and helicopter facilities to airlift patients from remote areas.
- Institute will have a doctor exchange programme with medical establishments in the US.

Question : as of now he says 'The institute will cater to poor patients' but this will be matter of future concern as poor in India easily* does not get this kind of facility cheap*.We have Institutes like Apollo, Fortis and Medcity but how much helping or serving the poor people is still a question ?
So good luck to Mr. Prithijit in his noble efforts ....


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