Every time we say...we should improve but .....

1. Satyendra Kumar Dubey.2003-Project director(IIT-K alumni),NHAI at Gaya,Bihar
2. Shanmugam Manjunath...2005-manager( Graduate) at IOC,Lucknow
3. Yashwant Sonawa.............2011-Additional District Collector,Malegaon,Maharastra

Above list just does not show different names but shows that :
1. Corruption is not specific to any department or state.
2. Young officers have the courage to face the corrupt people even if the system is not supportive.
3. All state government took some action to show that they will not spare the culprit but is punishing one culprit is enough ? should not they do more to avoid such occurrences ?
4. Central/state Governments does not have policy/regulation in place to protect the honest officers.People can say that we have :
- RTI( where RTI activists are killed) and
- CVC(Mr. P.J. Thomas) where top official of the country's highest anti-corruption watchdog seems to be an accused on bail.
- Legal system - where 2/3 laws are obsolete,thousands of cases are pending.

Such incidents lower the morale of honest officers and, in many cases, political interference helps the culprits to escape capital punishment. Unless these are checked, criminals will continue to rule the roost.So what action is needed :
1. Anti-corruption Legislation from Central government with severe punishment for guilty or even guilty probable. After Raja,Kalmadi,Ashok Chavan,P.J. Thomas PM is in desperate need of such legislation to save his face(if not Kursi).This is the high time* when Dr. Singh can invite a special anti-corruption session in parliament where all national level parties unanimously pass this bill.
( * When )
2. Absolute Fast-track courts for corruption cases.
3. A Wikileak type of online interface where people can lodge corruption-proof anonymously.

I wish no mother will lose his son to such pathetic system.


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