Don't be Evil - We can make money without doing evil

This post has source in Inam's recommendation. I read this interesting and inspiring book 'The google story' by David A. Vise and Mark Malseed and just finished it yesterday. I must say that I was forced to finish this by myself ASAP.
I like this book because of following reasons:
1. I am using 'Google' search engine for around 8 years but never seriously thought how Google earn money...This book gave me that detailed insight in the simplest possible manner.
2. I got to know more about the way google give us the search result. Now I know that it uses 'page rank' (PR).One can use the following to find out the Page rank of any page on internet:

Check Page Rank of any web site pages instantly:

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3. Following lines of sergey's father touches my heart too as it describe me somehow as well :
You are growing stronger
In Body, spirit and mind
I am getting older
Leaving decades behind

You are tough , you mine data
you surf first and think later
And your fast as light
Wanders dmadly in the night
You lived abroad on the sunny coast....

these lines describe not only his son but all the people of todays world who solely depend on google before they start anything whatever it may be....

4. The google guys made their fundas clear and straight right from the start as they knew that if their product is good(cheap+innovative+fast+reliable) then only they can sustain in the market and convince the people most and so instead of wasting money on advertising or high-end computing they bought the motherboards and other componenets to inexpensively build computers themselves.
For them advertisement was - "word of mouth" and for this they took the approach:
"Build something of value and deliver a service compelling enough that people would just use it."
5. In my opinion one reason of their success is that they did not start with the objective of 'Earning Money' and just wanted people to use 'the Best'.
6. Convincing people is not easy task but their approach was more human. For Example:
He explained his product to non-technical people but for those with the inclination and time to get more technical explainations,Brin invited them to sign up for a course that he and Page were teaching that semester , on search engines, and promised them access to "resources which they an not find anywhere else in the world"
7. They are honest and ethical in everything ( at least this is what I can visualize with this book ) :
- They have rented the space for $1500/month but they choose instead $1700/month so that all fees and taxes would be paid and everything is done properly from the start.
8. They offered the people 10 reasons to work for google including cool technology, stock options, free snacks and drinks and the proposition that -million of people will use and appreciate your software.
9. Some times it helps to take vacation not just from regular life but from the way the world works- concept Burning man.There was nothing a billion dollars can buy them at burning man except a cup of coffee.
10. What people do not understand that google was a potent googleware blend of software+hardware gave company more computing power than anyone else in world.They are like 'Dell'-customize everything.
10. They don't want to do the old fashioned things :
- They make their words fit all the time - 'Google is not conventional company and we do not intent to become one'( stated in Founder's letter - part of IPO filing documents).


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