It requires substantial understanding of Indian understand Gandhi

I just read the interview of British historian Mr. Jad Adams about his new book - Naked Ambition. As per his interview this book gives explicit details of Gandhi's sexual experiments with his followers' wives and his teenaged grand-nieces.
I do not know how much he got extra from the others(including Sushila Nayar, Pyarelal's sister) then what Gandhi himself has mentioned in his autobiography.In his own words 'I have worked with countless records both written by him and about him(Gandhi)' but infortunately he just worked not understand the real meaning of Gandhi's work. I am quite sure No british or foreigner for that matter can ever understand it better than Indians.It requires cultural understanding not the literal/historical understanding alone.

Yes , I agree that uptil certain certain age he was more inclined towards sex but he said(in 'My experiments with truth') this much more CLEARLY then anybody do ever.
But he sacrificed his life for the people.I am giving more relevant examples about his personality , which are more important then SEX:
1. He did study abroad but came back to India?
2. He went to S. Africa for job but did more for the Indian (or BLACK) people ?
3. After establishing himself well in S.Africa , he left that country for India.
4. He came back to India for Indian people and then he travelled whole India(mostly in 3rd class ) before starting the public life.
5. He practiced satyagraha in India and did not goto the world to teach Satyagraha(like Baba Ramdev and other moden sants are doing).
6. He did not take any official important post in INC.
7. He sacrificed his own son's welfare because he never want to be biased ?
8. He asked his wife to return all the gifts and presents that he(and his family) got, for his service in S.Africa.
9. He did not accept big donation from the big business houses for people's welfare projects.
10.He tested himself whole life and improve upon all the time without being worried about the failures.

Above are just few examples that I can think now about the great soul.....Being Indian of liberated India , I understand that most of us indians including me can NEVER do all the above 10 things (and many more not mentiuoned here)...we try and fail and try and fail .........
Most of the India young people want to :
a. Get job in foreign multinational firms.
b. Go to foreign country and feels proud in being called 'NRI'
c. Talk about the Indian issues from outside but do not want to go and live and improve the things in India itself.
d. preach the world about the greatness of India ( like Baba Ramdev and ...)
e. do all the things for their own kids. for them their life is limited to their kids only.
f. Have have a 'POST' of one or the other organization to show others that they are different.


I would be happy if his book gets backlash from Indians across the globe.


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