Shashi Tharoor : Why great scholar like him involve himself in Controversy

I do not understand why such an educated and intelligent and hard working guy like Shashi Tharoor can not stay away from controversies. In my opinion he one of few high profile indians, who have proved himself in all corners of life whatever it may be - hard working scholar,actor,substantitive writer,novelist( I like some excerpt of book 'The Elephant, the Tiger and the Cellphone' ),UN Under-Secretary General ,good speaker,articulate columnist and good human being( I will add clever politician if he gets over with controversies as well).

Example of what I said :
When he was contesting Lok Sabha seat from Thirvuvananthapuram in 2009, He came out to the streets of TVM yesterday to remove his posters from the street walls. He said
“This is a beautiful town, and I don’t want politics to disfigure it.”

I understand that he may also be regretting some of his latest controversies ...or may be thinking them as ...slip of tongue. His being more frank/generous may cause him the seat of Minister of State.I guess he is thinking as if :
- He is minister in US and thus can be more open-minded.
- CEO of MNC , who can whatever he likes.


This is Indian politices where Mayawati,Lalu yadav and Jayalalita kind of politicin survives ...may not be Him.

Anyways Best of Luck Mr. Tharoor.


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