If you want new ideas, you have to push yourself into the periphery

Title of this post is the line which inspired Mr. Coimbatore Krishnarao Prahalad(CKP),A University Professor and top management consultant to transform himself and lead by example.
He died yesterday but his teachings and knowledge will remain with us forever.
May God bless Him....

He was teaching at IIM in 1970 when he noticed that fervently nationalistic India had little use for a globally oriented thinker. With his ideas under constant political attack, Prahalad decided he had no choice but to go US. The Prahalads arrived in Ann Arbor with $18.His was exceptionally skilled guy..read following...

Prahalad, a mustachioed, bespectacled, slightly round man, filled the room when he speak. He was a contagiously high-energy guy. His language, while complex and academic, was sprinkled with expressions meant to draw in the listener. "Is it not?" he asked often. "Okay?"
Later in life ....
His story is the story of an REAL Indian who not only wants to strive success for himself but also wants to try and get benefitted by his experience and that is why at one point of his life he decided that it wasn't enough.
In his own words - "I was in a very good zone of comfort and I felt that this opportunity was so large that I needed to experiment with it myself. What we're selling is a new way to run a business. Our ultimate motivation is to make a difference."
He wanted to create a laboratory for the application of the ideas that he had been preaching to others.Instead of slowly lowering the flame on a white-hot career, In 2000, He lit an entirely new flame. He has taken a leave from US Universiry job, dramatically scaled back his consulting work, put up several million dollars to get Praja(his own company) going.He took financial risk, professional risk, reputational risk, and personal risk for the
This was his 'personal test'- a search for self-knowledge that has defined Prahalad's life.

In 2000, the collapsing economy has made that job tougher than Prahalad had ever imagined when he abandoned his life. But he appeared to be more committed than ever.
"You have to have faith,You cannot lead if you don't believe."- he said.

He was so impressive and reliable that Larry Page, co-founder of Google, made a quiet visit to the Madurai(temple town) from US just to see an eye care institution(Aravind Eye Hospital), which Prahalad described as "gem at the bottom of the pyramid" in his book.


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