Serving the Nation - Chaitanya Gurukul Public School

I am very much touched with the feeling and efforts of Mr. Chandrakant Singh(36 years). He has proved that if somebody wants to serve the nation with heart, then means come automatically. The way he setup the Chaitanya Gurukul Public School( Gopalganj,Bihar) shows the zeal and patriotic spirit. He faced all the problems that a NRI typically think before starting anything in India. But his planning,vision and methodology showed that 'There is will there is way'....Great work by a REAL HERO.

Following are some points that seem to be important here :
1. Many times one or the other event force the INDIANS to do something but later they are stopped by one or the other things....but very few do................A role of mentor/guide(here Dr. Srinivasan Suryanarayan - Dean,IIT) plays an important role in such initiatives. And not
but not least -> Age does not matter...He is just 36.
2. Planning is important for any project - Here
Mr. Dean, suggested him to make a plan for revenue-generating, self-sustaining model instead of taking the charity route.This plan was sent to 3000 engineers but only 8 accepted.
Project : Establishment of Educational Institution as-Model School from class 1 to 12, Degree Engineering College and Research and Development at Chamanpura, Gopalganj
Investment(In Crores Rs.) : 30 ( as submitted to State Investment Promotion Board,Bihar)
Challenge : Project is located in a place "where there is no electric pole forget about electricity"
Response : 5000 students came for 500 seats(admission)
Phase-1 : in 2 years,CGT Public School started with investment of just 2 crore.
3. Money Matters : Even if we talk to NRIs Money is big project had/has some of the following investment points :
- This money invested by others will go as fixed deposit in SBI Bank.
- This money will not be used but we need to show the gov that they have FD on the name of trust. That was the reason they were taking loan from individual investors than bank.
- FD paper will be with investors and money will be locked for Minimum 1 year. At the end of the maturity investors get FD rate + 2% (for investment below 10 lacs) . For investment of 10 lacs or more they get FD rate + 3%.
3. Quality Control : use of technology in maintaining service/process quality. Examples:
- Use of latest technology through Skype, video conferencing and Internet.
- Apart from regular inhouse teachers,
8 of Singh's associates, sitting in various corners of the world, have joined hands to teach children right from Class I to Class VII, through video-conferencing.

Best of luck to Mr.
Chandrakant Singh and all others involved in such nationalistic cause.


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