Dhooni should not do this again

I read today dhooni complaining/commenting about Sreesanth's temperament and saying "...the Irritate opposition, not your own team...". I read his full interview and so I can say that , I did not expect this to come from the captain of Indian cricket team and if anybody wants to know why I think so ..please read following points :
1. As a leader of the team he should never talk/discuss about the Sreesnath temperament in public.
2. He should not publicly criticize behaviour of his team member in front of media and if there is any concern then he must discuss it with Sreesanth only not with press/media.
3. A Leader must make sure that he talks positive and always ready for improvements/ betterments.
4. Leaders who criticize their team members in public lose respect from the whole team.
5. Dhoni has shown in the past as well that he does not like Sreesanth. When he had chance of selecting 15 players for WC-2011, he did not select the Sreesanth and instead selected Praveen kumar.He also showed his feelings about sreesnath in Durban as well - "I think it's important to keep him under control. It's good for him, for us, for the opponents, for the umpires, for the board and for the spectators,".
6. Leaders should always try to encourage team for positive things and try to avoid the negative.

PS : It does not mean that I am favouring Sreesnath for his short temper.I fully agree that he must improve his habit and must not be personal on any level.


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