Kalu Varti in Riga - there is reason why it is so popular

Yesterday , we visited Kalku Varti (Latvian for Limestone Gate), Restaurant in the historical of Old Town of Riga.This restaurant  is very famous(and expensive) in old time for it's varying and delicious gourmet meal along with traditional latvian dishes.I ordered a bottle of red wine Châteauneuf-du-Pape( as I wanted to have it again) which was quite appreciated by fellow partners.I also tasted some other wines but I think my choice was better enough :). We enjoyed diverse nordic+asian company of each other and wines.Later for main course,My dinner partners made quite adventurous choices but I ordered roasted duck breast with parsley root puree, pearl barley, and carrot sauce and was fully satisfied with my choice.The most surprising part of the dinner was desserts. Every desert we ordered has some kind of speciality as most of them are with exotic berries.but I ordered the dessert of the day 'the tower' which was unique in itself as it has the artistic shape of 1 feet effil tower(kind of) made of sugar( they dipped the warm sugar tower in freezing cold water to have that special shape. It was not possible to eat even 20% of tower so we just enjoyed its cream and few bites of tower.....but al together it was fantastic evening at kalku varti..............Paldias

Link to kalku varti website : www.kalkuvarti.lv


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