"Free our collector"...patriatic words

"Free our collector"...This is the goodwill sentence painted on the banners by the local schools marching on the streets of Malkangiri,Orissa. Objective of this sentence is to peruse the Maoists and pressurize them to release the Malkangiri district collector R. Vineel Krishna.Krishna has been abducted by maoists while he was visiting remote are of his district.

Mr. Krishna(IIT Madras Alumnus and IAS-2005) has been doing what a real public servant should do. Some of the key things:
- Riding on bikes,boats to meet the native people on daily basis.
- Not having heavy security and police for the sake of VIP stature.
- Staying out of local politics and focus on development issues.
- Trying to improve government outreach and services in the most alienated pockets(the best way to tackle the maoist problem).

To show the sympathy to Mr. Krishna , local shops, banks, schools were closed, and the streets were empty. Not only this people organized a meeting at the public ground to display show of support for him.People,NGO and district administration all are vouching for him in one single tune.

Medalistic statements :
1. "He was both clean and hard working," said Madhusudhan Panda, a grocery store owner. "Why else would everybody voluntarily down shutters?"
2. "Go visit those areas and talk to the people. They will tell you about the good work he has done. That is why I am hopeful the collector will return safely soon," said Balwant Singh, project director of the district rural development agency.

Hats off to the to this young lad.He showed that if top level officers are honest and considerate then people at large will appreciate him and adore him. I am very sure maoists-who are our own people will release him ASAP and let him serve the local people to the best of his capacity and prove the India again that if we want we can get over al odds.


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