Sourav Ganguly deserves a more respect from us...

I read the news that some media news rumours that Sourag Ganguly- flamboyant Indian cricketing legend has decided to quit all forms of cricket.Later it was cleared by himself that this is not the case. As a humble Bengali moshay style , he disappointedly mentioned :

"I had the runs. Players of my age, Gilchrist, Dravid and Laxman are still actively involved. I haven't been able to put the finger on the button why I was left out. Cricketing logic and past form suggests I should have been picked. There are several reasons I could have been dropped, but not for cricket."

"If I don't get to play IPL I will not be participating in any form of domestic cricket,"

Personal rapport is not useful in business : Considering the following :
- KKR : Nobody denies that KKR is best place for Sourav because he is the true BENGALI and very few IPL players have been as closely associated with the city they played for as him. In my opinion Kolkatta loves him more passionately than Mumbai loves Tendulkar(sorry whole India loves SACH ...I know).Everybody says that GANULAY is Bengal tiger........The Knight Riders(SRK) has never shown any miserliness when it comes to money-spending. So why SRK left Sourav(bother/pal)...was it because of his base price of just 400,000 dollars(1.82 crore Rs.). Question - Is 1.82 crore is big money for SRK ?
- Sahara, Pune Warriors - This is new franchise(and Sourav has had a long relationship with its owners ) and could have benefited from Sourav's talent but they left Sourav as well.
- In IPL-2010, Sourav played 14 matches and made 493 runs (avg. 37.92) and was the 5th best scorer in IPL-3. SO performance is not the issue here.Not only this he was one of top 10 scorers in IPL-1.He has more IPL man of the match awards than any other rejected player.

Looking at the above, Yes- Sourav you are absolutely correct....99.9% cricket frenzy indians believe the same and have full faith in your skills but you know what now cricket specially IPL is not just cricket but a business where people are not there for fun,enjoyment and sports but wish to earn money and that seems only reason behind your exclusion...NOTHING ELSE.

IPL can sustain omitting of
Sanath Jayasuriya, Brian Lara, Chris Gayle but Sourav Ganguly is certainly desired a place in IPL(INDIA). An Indian , would love to see you contributing to Indian cricket in any form be it player,captain, coach or office bearer of BCCI/IPL or CAB.


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