Indian's Heart needs more Valentine Days

As today is valentine is justified to be concerned about the heart.As Indian I think we need more such days when people think about the heart not just to impress someone's heart but to save someone's heart as well.....BUT WHY ?

Answer is : The Indian heart, due to a faulty genetic makeup, is more prone to heart diseases than an African or a Caucasian one. Worse, several studies have revealed that Indians are likely to suffer heart attacks a decade earlier than other ethnicities. Factors such as urbanisation, the rapid Westernisation of the traditional diet and stress worsen the weak-heart syndrome.

Want stats to understand the seriousness, please read following :

Population : 1 billion+
No. 1 Killer disease : Heart disease

Cardiologist : 4000

Cardiac surgeons : 1200
Desired ratio : 50 cardiologists per million

( PS : India lacks authentic data on the causes of deaths. )
Stars :
Dr Naresh Trehan,Dr Devi Shetty,Ramakant Panda etc....

So, heart disease is not an emerging problem anymore. It has already emerged as a ma
jor cause of death in rural areas.Awareness about the first aid is not there in common people or if they are aware then means are not there to get the first aid within the time period*.

1. Treatment is most effective when started within 1 hour of the beginning of symptoms.
2. Next 15-30 minutes are most crucial after an heart-attack.

So what is needed :
1. Special laws which forces to have a cardiac unit in every nursing home with 24x7 trained staff and complusery ambulance facility.
2. Door to door Heart disease awareness programs and prevention plan.
3. Special cardiac care departments in each general hospitals.
4. Free ECG checkups at all the nursing homes and clinics.


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