Kiwifruit is a Vitamin Bomb !!

Kiwifruit is a Vitamin Bomb !!

A lot of people think that kiwi is not good food because it does not taste good in start.But few of them know that it is one of the great gift from nature which can give us a lot vitamins.I did some goggling and found out the following :

Eat 1 kiwifruit because One kiwifruit contains:

  • Vitamin C ( = 2 oranges = 250 mg ) … stimulates the capacity for work , actively participates in the metabolism.
  • A lot of magnesium( source of iron ) ………………… provides a healthy heart function
  • vitamins A, D, Е, В2, В3, В6, a lot of potassium
  • Actinidine, which improves the protein digestion
  • cellulose, which, as is well known, helps in excess cholesterol excretion and digestion normalization.

Advantage :

  • Reduce the risk of oncological and cardiovascular diseases, such as coronary insufficiency and hypertension.
  • very healthy for the face skin so widely used in cosmetics, in various masks and creams.
  • Antioxidants found in kiwifruit are absorbed by the body most effectively than those from other antioxidant-rich fruits( US study )

* Kiwifruits shouldn’t be eaten too long after cutting and if possible , eat it with brushed peel


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High blood pressure is both common and deadly. It has been linked to 54% of strokes worldwide and 47% of cases of coronary heart disease.
Consuming 2 Kiwifruits per day for 4 weeks lowers 10 mmHg in blood pressure in smokers.

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